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Five Reasons To Travel Responsibly

Are you planning a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon or an adventure getaway? Read on to find out why you should consider traveling responsibly.

You know that responsible tourism aims at reducing the negative impact on culture and environment of the destination and it benefits the local people by generating income and livelihood for them. Did you know that traveling responsibly has immense benefits for you too?. From saving money to good health, here are the benefits:

Save Money If you plan to travel responsibly, you read and research about your destination, and get better deals on your travels and accommodation. Public transportation, hiking, and cycling are great ways to travel responsibly and save money. By staying in small, family-run hotels or homestays, you can save money and help sustain the local business.

Stay In Shape When you minimize the negative impact on your destination by walking or cycling, you also get fit. Also, involving in the locals' day-to-day activities me…

Fun à Pondichéry

Quintessentially French and Distinctly European

"What is there to see in Pondicherry? We've been there and seen it all", the husband said tiredly. I defended that we had never seen the French Town. After a row of arguments, he agreed to visit Pondicherry. The trip was a just-like-that trip for the New Year weekend.

Journey through ECR on a bright Saturday was breezy--literally. The traffic was mild and our moods were ecstatic. We stopped at Kalpakkam to have some refreshments. Mesmerized by the spotlessly maintained township, we took a detour to enjoy the small backwaters there.

There was a small beach with colorful boats and seaweeds. We rolled our pants and plunged into the water along with our son. We were sunburnt but the cool water and the calm beach made it all worthy.

The ride through ECR was scenic and we were tempted to stop at each and every bit of water that we could see. It was almost evening when we reached Pondicherry.

The accommodation for the day was at the Au…

Picturesque Wayanad

Of Rolling Hills and Velvety Tea Gardens

On the occasion of our little one's third birthday, we went to visit Wayanad of God's own country, Kerala. Wayanad was on our travel list for a long time, so, I have already spent enough time on researching accommodation--Greenex Farms was the choice for our family.

On a busy Friday evening, our little man, the husband and I were nudging along the crowds at Chennai Central to board our Mangalore Mail to Calicut. Little man was very excited for his first train trip, and so were we. The cab arranged by Greenex was promptly waiting for us at the Calicut station.

Through the winding roads, along the misty mountains, we proceeded to Chundale town. The fun started from there..the route to the farm was rugged and we had to take a Mahindra jeep. After a terribly bumpy ride, we were in the middle of nowhere--Greenex!

True to its name, Greenex was not like a typical resort but a green hamlet. The facilities were minimal but there were other things ab…

In Search of that Perfect Picture...

Amidst the Architectural Marvels of Thanjavur!
I am a proud owner of a DSLR camera since the last six years. It was a special gift from my husband who doesn't believe in material gifts. "Cameras are for capturing memories", he defended then. I've always used it in the 'Auto' mode. I became a victim of the bored housewife syndrome lately; I was challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone. The challenge is to learn the 'Manual' mode of my camera.
The three of us along with my father were on our way to Thanjavur to see the marvel of the Cholas, The Big Temple. I had a mission to get a stunning photograph of the temple in the 'Manual' mode of my beloved DSLR—the cloudy sky with perfect blues hues as the backdrop, the rich and antique brown temple filling the foreground—complete with the birds flying above!
I browsed different photography sites, read many forums, and learned all the jargons. After all, there are only two modes: one to co…